What is Affinity Marketing on Facebook?

Affinity Marketing for Facebook

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are Great…

Lookalike audiences are by far the best audience targeting method for Facebook ads.

Facebook lookalike audience screenshot

Facebook provides lookalike audiences based on your existing customers, website visitors, etc. Lookalike audiences perform extremely well. You can grow your audiences by increasing the audience size range from 1-10%.

… But Ad Fatigue Is A Real Issue

The only downside to lookalike audiences? Ad fatigue. When you run your campaigns for long periods of time (or spend a lot on them), your customers/prospects start seeing too many of your ads, and your click through rates and conversion rates start dropping. Ad fatigue sets in.

The Solution: Affinity Marketing

Affinity marketing is an antidote to ad fatigue. It’s a method to build on your customers, and their interests. Facebook already provides some suggestions; you can look at the types of brands your customers might be interested by using the audience insights tool, for example.

Facebook Audience Insights Screenshot

Tips For Successful Affinity Marketing

Competitors and Lookalikes

Here are some tips for effective affinity marketing on Facebook:

  • Target your competitor’s customers
  • Target related brands (from Facebook Audience Insights)
  • Follow our customized affinity marketing suggestions (listed below)

Women Who Buy Apparel Also Buy…

Here are some readymade, highly robust affinity marketing connections built into our Facebook Ad Guru Shopify app:

  1. Women’s apparel buyers show affinity for accessories and footwear
  2. High end men’s apparel buyers show affinity for health foods and fancy coffee
  3. New and hip product buyers (e.g. Kickstarter patrons) invest in many such products

Depending on your product, the audiences are suggested automatically. For an apparel store, the app automatically suggests an apparel audience, but also offers accessory audiences, for example.

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