What Do Online Footwear Shoppers Care About?

Zappos is the best-known online footwear retailer in the US, but it’s not the only one. Most major footwear sellers are online, some exclusively so. US footwear currently exceed $80B annually, and a third of the sales could move online in the next few years.

Reaching online footwear shoppers is not easy. Shoppers have no qualms buying books and electronics online, and apparel stores are doing brisk business as well. Footwear is still considered a difficult product to purchase online.

The Online Shoe Shopper Profile

Here are some characteristics of online footwear shoppers:

  • Early adopters: Not surprisingly, online footwear shoppers are early adopters; they are the ones more likely to buy other “new” products online (e.g. eyeglasses)
  • Higher income: Online footwear shoppers are generally wealthier than average ($100K+ annual household income), but not the same as high-end luxury goods shoppers ($150K+ annual household income)
  • Wide age range: It’s not just millennials, though, who buy their shoes online; the age range for online footwear shoppers is between 25-55 years
  • Brands: Warby Parker is one of the brands this group swears by

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