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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the methodology used for creating the reports in the Know Your Customer app?

The Know Your Customer app compiles each store’s customer demographic, behavior, and interest data from 3rd party sources. This data is then combined with the store’s Shopify ordering (shopping) data. Finally, proprietary algorithms are used to generate the final reports that you see on the Know Your Customer app.

How reliable is the data used by the app?

The data sources used by the app, and its reports, have been benchmarked against other (independent) data sources as well. Over 300 stores are actively using the Know Your Customer app.

Can you filter out certain customers from my reports?

The app currently does not support filtering of particular sets of customers (exceptionally high spenders, for example). But we can certainly do that if you let us know by email, chat, or phone.

I would like to understand the family demographics of my customer (or I would like to understand the demographic characteristics of my best customers, or ...). Can you help?

We will be happy to help all our Premium customers answer more specific questions about their customers. Please email/call us, or chat with us.

How do I use these reports?

Stores put Know Your Customer information to a variety of uses

  • Build a Facebook marketing strategy (you can also use our Facebook Ad Guru app in conjunction with the Know Your Customer app)
  • Build a larger marketing plan
  • Create new products
  • Understand seasonality in customer visits

Is my data safe with you?

We are extremely diligent about protecting your data. We have elaborate physical, network, and data security protocols in place to preserve and maintain your valuable data.

How can I get additional data for my store?

As part of KYC subscription, you get access to the analysis of last one year data. For additional data analysis, please contact us. Charges will vary based on the number of orders and customers.


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