Create a Successful Facebook Ad Strategy: Superfood Edition

Choosing the right target audience is the key to boost the ad campaign’s performance. You can target users based on virtually anything – their demographics, income, interests, behaviors, etc. for any geography on Facebook.

Tips for the superfood brand

  • Target the 22-56 year-old demographic
  • Run your promotions during the holidays
  • Accelerate your marketing in the first couple of months of the year
  • Target consumers of other superfoods
Pro tip

People who like superfoods are also into fitness athletic gear, nutritional products, personal care devices and high end clothing.

Superfoods are all around us

Superfoods are a $150B market worldwide, growing at more than 15% per year.

We’ve all seen coconut water on supermarket shelves, and seen/tried quinoa recipes. Millets and ancient grains, various teas and seeds, honey and cacao are all popular superfoods.

Who consumes superfoods?

The short answer: 35-year-olds. It’s true. Superfood consumption seems to peak at 35 years for most popular products.
Age Profile of Superfood Shoppers
Superfood consumers are somewhat fickle. Tastes change frequently. For example, avocado and almonds are on the rise, but quinoa and kale are falling out of favor.
New Year Peaks for Superfood Shoppers
Superfood consumers have the best intentions. Superfood shopping invariably peaks at the beginning of the year (as do gym memberships), and it’s downhill from there for the rest of the year.

Sample campaign

Sample Superfood Facebook Ad


Age: 25 – 54 years
Gender: All
Location: Unites States
Relationship: All
Net Income: All
Interested In: (Superfood or Superfood Snacks or Theobroma cacao or Kale or Avocado or Vegan nutrition) and (Fitness or Gyms & fitness clubs or High-end retail or High-end department store card) and (Almond or Almond meal or Almond milk or Almond biscuit or Almond paste) and (Engaged Shoppers)


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