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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Ad Guru?

Facebook Ad Guru is the smart advertising app for Facebook and Instagram. Just select the products to advertise, and the app does the rest. While most apps focus on retargeting alone, Facebook Ad Guru covers the entire marketing journey of a customers: from expanding audience to driving traffic to generating sales, and goes beyond.

How can Facebook Ad Guru help me?

Facebook Ad Guru help you by providing:

  • Customized audiences for over 30 product categories
  • Readymade lookalike audiences
  • Retargeting campaign functionality
  • Readymade campaign suggesting
  • Instagram ad support
  • Accurate reporting and dashboard

What are the pre-requirements for Facebook Ad Guru?

Facebook Ad Guru require a valid Facebook ad account and a published Facebook page that is linked to the app to run ads on Facebook. To run ads on Instagram, you will need to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.

How can I link my Facebook ad account and page?

After you install the Ad Guru app, you will be prompted to link your Facebook account with Ad Guru by clicking on <b>“Connect Facebook Account”</b> button. Confirm your decision to link Ad Guru and select you Facebook Ad Account and Pages through which you want to advertise.

How can I change my Facebook ad account and page settings?

You can view the options to change Facebook ad account and page settings by hovering on the cog icon next to “Help” button.

What can I do if I face an issue?

We would request you to clear your browser cache, pause extensions such as ad blocker and try using the app again. If the issue persists, take a screenshot of the screen and share with us along with the error message, if any. If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team for more assistance via Intercom or email.

Why am I not able to create ad campaigns?

Ad Guru needs you to link your Facebook ad account and your Facebook business page to the Ad Guru app to create and run ad campaigns on Facebook. Ad Guru disables the campaign creation functionality unless the Facebook ad account and Facebook pages are valid and linked to the Ad Guru app. Please watch the  Facebook Ad Guru  video tutorial  to know more.

Why can't I see all my products on Facebook Ad Guru?

By default, the app shows 100 products in the product selection widget based on their popularity. However, you can search for other products in the store by typing in the search box. The product list will be refreshed with the filtered product images. In case you feel some products are missing, reach out to us via intercom or email.

How to setup more than 3 products in carousel ad?

The app currently supports carousel ads with up to 3 products only.

What languages does Facebook Ad Guru support?

You can create ads in any language that is supported by Facebook. Currently, we do not restrict use of any language in ad text, headline, or description. However, if you are facing any issues, do let us know via Intercom or email and we will try to fix it.

Where do I read/accept Facebook’s Terms of services?

Here are links to read/accept Facebook’s Terms of services:

How can I setup Facebook pixel?

You can set up the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store by following instructions here.

If you already have a Facebook Pixel setup, you can find it here.

If you do not have a Facebook Pixel set up, you can follow the instructions here.

How do I setup payment for my Facebook ad account?

This article from Facebook’s help center will guide you in adding payment method to your ad account: Manage your payment methods for Facebook ads.

How do I publish my Facebook page?

This article from Facebook’s help center will guide you in adding payment method to your ad account: How do I unpublish or publish my Page?.

How can I link my Google Analytics account?

Ad guru used Google Analytics tracking code to verify purchase data. This article from Google support center will guide you in setting up Google analytics tracking: Set up Analytics tracking.

What are Smart Audiences?

The goal behind the Smart Audiences is to reduce your work by suggesting an audience for your selected products. The suggestion is based on a machine learning algorithm that learns over time. We are trying to perfect that and it should perform better over time.

How can I learn more about Facebook marketing?

You can find some interesting and helpful articles on our  blog. If you wish to know more, you can check out courses from Facebook on Facebook Blueprint page.

What are recommended campaigns?

Ad Guru creates recommended campaigns with targeting and product selection customised for your store. You can always edit these campaigns or run them.

How can I create ads for products not on my Shopify store?

The app currently works for products already in your Shopify store. For other products, you will have to first add them to your Shopify store and then use Ad Guru to create and run ads.

How can I change the store image/logo appearing next to the headline?

The store image appearing next to the ad headline is the same profile photo used on the Facebook page you linked with Ad Guru. To change the image in the ad, try changing the image on the Facebook page first.

How can I avail the free $100 in Facebook ad offer?

We offered a $100 free Facebook ads option for several weeks when we first introduced our app last year. That was an introductory offer, and the initial review was written when that offer was in progress. We ended the offer after the beta period ended for our app.

Where are the ads running?

The ads are running on Facebook and Instagram. These will be visible to your target audience only.

How do I pay for my campaigns?

The payment methods are linked to Facebook ad accounts. Currently Ad Guru does not charge anything for campaigns. For more information related to payment on Facebook, visit this page.

Why am I not able to edit my campaign?

The campaign you created was probably rejected by Facebook and hence you are not able to edit the campaign. You can check the status of your campaign in the dashboard view to confirm. Alternatively, if the campaign end date has passed, you will not be able to edit the campaign.

How can I delete an ad campaign?

Ad Guru does not delete ad campaigns created by a user in order to maintain a log of ad campaigns. However, user can change the status of a campaign from “Active” to “Paused” using the toggle button in the campaign dashboard.

Why does the audience size differ on Facebook Ad Manager if I apply the same targeting filters?

We implicitly apply some targeting restrictions to all the campaigns created using Facebook Ad Guru to improve results of ad campaigns. So when you compare the audience reach with Facebook, you will see a difference because of these implicit filters.


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